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Titanic : History’s greatest Mystery

The journey of the luxury British Steamship Titanic by Andrew and team would definitely been converted into a most successful journey. Had the walls separating the watertight bulkheads compartments been extended a little over the water line. Had the poured water been stopped at the earliest while the Ship pitched forward. Had the Ship had adequate numbers of lifeboats not just mere 16 along with only few collapsible Engelhard, more than just 1178 people could have been saved out of 3300 people on the ship. Unfortunately the ‘practically unsinkable' Titanic as titled by the Shipbuilder Magazine would have not really been sunk . The morning of 15 April 1912 would have been really a different and among the most cheerful mornings. More than 1500 passengers along with crew members had died when the ship sank off the coast of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic after sideswiping an iceberg during its maiden voyage.

The movie Titanic by James Cameron in 1997 depicted the pathetic end of the masterpiece Titanic and the end on immortal love of Rose and Jack. Luckily, the movie has widened up my imagination to bring a happy ending to it. Instead of planning to kill Jack, Cal accepted the love of Rose and Jack. In the most crucial hours , he helped the Rose and Jack from escaping the dreadful water waves from the lower engine compartment where he was tied up by the cops. The three Rose, Jack and Cal were determined to save each soul. They created some less durable boats out of ship’s broken part and managed to sail each family smoothly. The Jack was in critical condition hence Rose insist for his early departure. Jack could not leave the Rose on the dead ship and did fight back with even more power and persuaded Rose to stay with her. At last, the three, forcefully save the White Line managing director – James Bruce and the Ship’s builder – Thomas Andrews. As they are heart broken and wanted to die with Titanic. The group of three motivated the Ship founders and induced the determination and faith in them again to construct another giant TITANIC to survive thousands of years. Finally with heavy hearts and brave warriors , the three sailed away in the ocean looking at the two broken parts of the most loved Titanic . They bid goodbye to the unsinkable Titanic which was finally sank down to the unreachable depths of the ocean.

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