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What Makes Vahani Chapter Meet Special

Irrelevant from where I come from, an opportunity was provided by fate. More like, it was the result of the skills and hard work of my past. Destiny provided me a light in those dark, hard times. The light which is helping us bushes to grow. The light which makes the pieces of crumbled glasses to shine like a Diamond, A Light in the form of a vast Family named VAHANI.

Let's get to the Chapter Meets, where the Family members present close to the designated location associate. It is a memorable and special event with its own specialties’ like.

· Travelling is FUN – With the current life of exams and assignments, there comes this stress busting event. For some scholars it’s usually in the same town. It is held generally in big metro cities. Travelling to these cities is a thrilling experience; the excitement to explore the new cities is incomparable. Getting introduced to a new lifestyle, visiting new places the sceneries the air everything changes. I was present in two chapter meets one held in Pune in 2022 and other in Mumbai recently in April 2023.

· Interaction with Vahani team – The Vahani team members are present at the meet. They are the people with great personalities and skills. Talking with them feels like a family, they are always eager to know about our academic life, guiding us to do our best. They help us in every way they can. They introduce us to new programmes of Vahani. They motivate us to do better and be open towards the outside world.

· Biggest Stress buster – In this life full of hassle, the chapter meet is like a rain in summer. All the stress is released by the excitement of the meet. It is a refreshing break for us scholars from our hectic student lives.

· Strengthening bonds and socializing - Chapter meet helps to socialize and know about the other scholars which are close to us. Also interacting with the Vahani team makes it fun. Got introduced to other fields like Technical, IT, Business, Management etc. Made new friends, it's like building relationships and strengthening it on the events as such.

· Great to know about scholars of same field – “Oh, you also from medical field” these types of conversations hold my interest. Same goes with my native State Maharashtra. Such connections are made here. Cause all the scholars are from close by states. From the meeting location.

· The Food and the event place – The meet is held at some of the ravishing places like cafes, restaurants or lawns. With delicious food, specialties were introduced to us which were mouth-watering dishes. At the Woodside Gymkhana at Colaba in Mumbai, it is fantastic place with phenomenal food.

· Exploring new cities – exploring new cities going to new places makes the event memorable, last year at Pune meet we visited Sinhagad Fort, and this year in Mumbai in April we visited Marine Drive & Gateway of India both the places are astonishing and absolute wonder! Such trips are truly incredible. The scholars residing there are great help in such travels.

· So many memories - The meet ends with lots of conversation. With a collection of numerous pictures. Career advises and new contacts. With lots of unforgettable memories. After this mind refreshing experience, we are back to our competitive, student lives.

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