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Write Something.

The best advice I can give myself is to write. I always wished I could have taken some decisions in my past life so that I would have in a better position now. I definitely knew that if I don’t give this advice to myself right now, I will regret it in the future. In my belief to write something you need to read something. Books throughs lots of information. To organize them and to take what you want from them, you need to write.


Every time you cannot write a script and practice to communicate with people. Even if you did, it will fail miserably. Lack of words creates difficulty in describing your feelings, sharing your thoughts, and communicating with others. It is supremely frustrating when you cannot

pour out thoughts in your mind. But regular writing can fix this problem.



Having numerous thoughts at the same time are like opening multiple tabs in a 2GB RAM phone, at least it works slowly. Your brain will utterly stop working. Day- to-day you have to do plenty of things which makes you assume that you are occupied. As a result of this, you procrastinate on important tasks. The real fact is you are not just focused enough. To get more focused you need to plan and organize your thoughts. The best way to do that is by writing them.



I flying in the air with the help of my wings, the dinosaur going by that side saw me and asked “I am going for a coffee would you like to join?” This will never happen in reality but writing makes it so. Writing breaks the bounds of reality. It has the power to take you to another world.   



There are more than 300 synonyms for the word “beautiful”, you use less than 300 words in every conversation repetitively.  Reading makes you remember the scenes. writing will make you remember words. When you read a word from the book we tend to forget, but when we start to write we will start to remember the words. Then we will start to use those words in our conversation at least to showcase that we knew those words.


What is stopping me from writing?

I don’t have time. This is the biggest lie that you tell yourself. You never said this when you want to watch a movie. When you want to go out with your friends. So, stop lying yourself at least. It is boring. Yes, because you are writing for the sack of it. every time you are writing because someone is forcing you to. This time don’t write to finish the task, write to start your journey in writing. Grammar and vocabulary. Remember this, you don’t have to be good at grammar and vocabulary for writing but without writing you can’t improve your grammar and vocabulary. Stop expecting appreciation and attention for everything you do. You brush your teeth daily to clean them. In the same way, you just have to write to clean your brain without expecting anything. As simple as that.  

What I should write?

Write anything. Write about the person you love, about what you are grateful for, about the book that made you cry, about the movie that made you laugh, or about the scary dream that you had last night. Just write something.

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