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We are creating leaders who will be the inspiration and agents of change in their local communities.

Mental Health Helpline in Collaboration With
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Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation, fostering their growth as compassionate leaders of tomorrow. Through the provision of full scholarships to 50 students every year, we are committed to their holistic development through funding and mentoring by enabling their access to the finest universities across India.


We are cultivating potential change-makers to facilitate societal transformation by uplifting the underserved community. 

Our Vision

To create an India where exceptionally talented students coming from economically challenging backgrounds, can thrive as leaders and catalysts of change. Our vision is that these emerging leaders build a more inclusive and brighter future for all.  

Our Impact


Vahani Scholars 


Avg. Class 12 Grades (%)


States and UTs Reached 



Avg Household Income (Rs)


Mandatory Vahani Programmes

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Professional Mentorship Programme

English Language Programme


Internship Programme

Professional Literacy programme


Computer Literacy Programme

Annual Workshops

IMG_20230226_164055_508 - Yogeshwari HD.jpg

Yogeshwari HD

Vahani has provided me with comprehensive financial support, enabling me to focus wholeheartedly on my education and academic pursuits. Moreover, the Vahani scholarship has opened doors to numerous opportunities beyond financial assistance. Through their mentorship program, English program, IT program, workshops and also helped me with internship opportunities. Beyond all these supports, It has empowered me to pursue my desired field of study without hindrance, provided me with invaluable opportunities, and nurtured a sense of responsibility and gratitude.

Scholars' Testimonials

IMG_20201223_154412 - Rupashree Pradhan.jpg

Rupashree Pradhan

I have feel Vahani Scholarship is one of the most unique programme. In addition to financial support we had been guided throughout our academic years by various means through IT workshop, creative thinking workshop, one-on-one mentorship, peer mentorship programme.

Indrajit 2020

Indrajit Sharma

I believed that every needy and deserving student should know about this great scholarship opportunity, therefore I will do my bit about spreading the word in my network so that more dreams like mine could get a kick start.

Press Releases

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