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Artist Corner

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I am Dhanashree Panchawatkar. Painting is my hobby. I usually do the canvas painting to relax because it pulls my mind into different world of imagination.

Dhanashree Panchawatkar

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As a student with a passion for photography, I see the world through a unique lens, constantly seeking out the beauty in everyday life. I aim to capture and share my perspective with others, telling visual stories that evoke emotions and inspire.

Akanksha Rajput

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If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint, but being an artist, I seek art as my intangible love. It aspires me to paint  my dreams and communicate silently with billions of warriors who want to acquire win against ongoing stereotypical wars...

Devesh Sharma

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As an artist, I aim to capture the essence of my subjects through different colors, dynamic compositions, and a unique perspective that invites viewers to see the world through my eyes.

Tejas Kumar D

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As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the natural world and the nostalgic feelings it evokes. While I may capture many scenes in my mind's eye, only a select few comes out into art that truly captures the essence of the moment.

Gunashree V

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An artist is not someone who waits for the special moments to capture them... He/ she is someone who makes every moment special through his/ her art.

Nikita Ojha

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As an artist 
I enjoy my free time with drawing and sketching pictures I see around,No matter how much time it takes to make it a perfect sketch, but I really enjoy it,
when someone says "Hey it's Nice". It gives me strength to draw my next drawing.

Prashanth J

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I am an amateur artist who loves to draw human art and nature.

Priyanshu Yadav

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A mesmerizing dancer who expresses emotions and stories through dancing moves. I see dance is the simple way to express the feelings easily. 

And as a enthusiast in drawing and painting I see drawing is the way to draw our imagination on the paper.

Shubham Tayade

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I am Anushka Patel. I love dancing as it takes me out of all the stress of the hectic day of college and I enjoy it so much. Looking forward to learn and make my moves more perfect.

Anushka Patel

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Sushmitha has always loved writing, whether it be poems or articles or speeches. She manages pen down the things that make her smile and her all she wants is to bring a smile on the reader's face with her writings.


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